ZAS focuses on well-defined pain points and solves them better than anyone else. Use the questions below to see what solutions we can offer your practice.

Do you want to increase your revenue and decrease your days in A/R?

Do you sometimes feel that your current medical billing company does not operate with a sense of urgency, answer your questions in a timely manner or understand how to collect your revenue quickly and is therefore not optimizing your collections?

ZAS has been able to develop long-term relationships with our clients by meeting their needs and delivering results. Our clients will tell you that our staff works as an extension of their workforce and quickly and efficiently answers questions and has successfully increased their collections.

ZAS has streamlined the entire billing process which makes us much more efficient than other billing companies. The efficiencies alone generally result in increased revenue for our clients. Leveraging an efficient submission process is one of the most important aspects of improving your collection rate. Our certified, experienced coders ensure that at all visits are coded appropriately from the beginning.

Claims are thoroughly scrubbed and reviewed by the ZAS team to ensure first time acceptance. Our goal is to bill for services correctly the first time and reduce days in accounts receivable. In addition, ZAS actively pursues all payments and ensures timely receipt of your cash flows.

Furthermore, we provide timely, customized, flexible reporting that creates a clear picture of the practice to help our clients monitor and attain their goals.

We take great pride in listening and responding to all of our client’s needs. Regardless of your practice size, you will receive a high level of service while we increase your collection rates.

We suggest that you talk to our clients who can tell you why we are different than other medical billing companies. Our client loyalty and relationships are very important to us. Please contact us to learn how ZAS can improve your practice’s operating efficiency, increase revenues and decrease days in A/R.

Do you want an integrated Practice Management & EHR but worry about the costs involved?

At ZAS we can help you to select the right EHR and/or Practice Management system for your practice in addition to providing your medical billing service. We provide seamless integration with new or legacy systems to reach your practice’s financial and operational goals.

Having a trusted medical billing service that is also a knowledgeable technology partner will ensure that your systems are optimally integrated and supported and will give you and your entire practice the piece of mind that you need to confidently take action and know that you won’t regret it. Selecting and implementing the right EHR, clinical decision support, CPOE and IT with ZAS as your partner will ensure compatability with Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) and Regional Extension Center (REC) initiatives & requirements. This investment of your resources now will drive your practice’s reimbursement for the future. In addition, you will find the support and guidance that you need at each step along the way from our experienced and efficient team.

Implementing a Practice Management and Electronic Health Record system together may seem intimidating and like it is too much to undertake, however, it will enhance the benefits of the medical billing service and increase the overall efficiency of your practice. It will further simplify your revenue cycle process. This will further improve claim accuracy, process efficiency and payment speed. Take action now to increase your revenue quickly within less than 60 days!